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Besides developing software systems, bSoft also offers consulting and development services.
In its first five years of activity bSoft provided custom software development and optimisation to some of the major companies in the Telecom, Electronics, and Media industry in Italy, the European Union, and the United States.


We support our customers in selecting the multimedia techonology to meet their needs. Different applications have diverse requirements, and there are always several ways to a working solution.
Our expertise in research, development, and deployment of multimedia system assists you from the early phases of planning:
  • feasibility studies;
  • assessment and evaluation of technology;
  • design of multimedia systems.
  • Development

    Our strategy is based on international standards, that guarantee interworking between systems from different vendors. Yet, the software products we offer may need customisation to fit your needs. Or, there may be specific requirements that are not covered by our standard solutions.
    bSoft can help you in porting or adapting software to a specific application or to a custom platform.
    We have also successfully worked with our customers on ad hoc solutions for specific needs, like a specific codec for lossless bitmap animation.

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